Frequently Asked Questions

Convibo is a grocery delivery service that delivers groceries to your doorstep on the same day, in as little as one hour. You simply select the groceries you want from your favourite supermarket at and one of our personal shoppers will then pick the freshest items, pack them with care and deliver them to your door. Simple as that!

Really fast! Once you login to Convibo you can select a 1-hour window for your order. The closer you are to this time slot, the faster you will get your delivery. Depending on the size of your order and the distance between the store and your location, you can get your groceries within 1-2 hours from the moment you place the order.

We want you to be flexible. That’s why as soon as our driver is on the road, you will receive a text message reminding you that your order will be with you shortly.  So keep an eye on your phone and we will notify you a few minutes in advance.

We deliver Monday to Saturday 9am – 10pm. The last delivery slot you can select is 9-10pm, for which you must place your order the latest by 8.20pm.

We currently deliver by car or scooter to most parts of South West and West London. Some of the areas include: Fulham, Kensington, Chelsea, Paddington, White City, Shepherd’s Bush, Belgravia, Pimlico, Victoria, Battersea, Brixton, Clapham, Wandsworth, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho, Green Park, St. James’s Park, Westminster, Vauxhall and Lambeth.
Go to, type your postcode and see which stores we deliver to your place!

Yes, of course! You can place an order for up to 5 days later.

First, you need to login to Convibo, submit your postcode and select your favourite supermarket.
Before shopping, choose your delivery time. This can be either next hour, or any other time within the next 5 days.
Browse through thousands of groceries and fresh produce and simply add the groceries you want to your basket.
Once you have selected everything you want, you can proceed to checkout! As a final step you can choose whether you want your shopper to communicate with you regarding potential replacements (call or text) or not. If you don’t want to communicate, choose ‘replace’ (your shopper will replace items with similar ones based on your preferences) or ‘cancel’ (your shopper will cancel any out-of-stock items).
You will instantly receive a confirmation email and we’ll start preparing your order.

Please be aware that if you order alcoholic beverages or products, we will ask you for an ID to confirm your legal age.

You can order from Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

Our online catalogue includes almost all of the stores’ inventory. We do regular updates on products, however if you cannot find the product you are looking for you can leave a note and your personal shopper will shop it for you (this can be done from the “Custom Products” button which is located at the middle of your screen)

Sometimes, we’ll have to replace items that are out of stock in the stores we shop form.

Our personal shopper will contact you and suggest potential replacements based on your preference (Call, Text, Replace, Cancel). We will also give you a second option of communication in case we are facing problems with the first one.

Example: If you have selected first option Replace and second option Call, our shopper will do their best to replace all items with equivalent ones. If, however, they are not sure about something and would like to ensure that you will be happy with what they are going to purchase for you, they will give you a call).

No, we do not charge for carrier bags, since we are not a “large retailer”. You can find more information here: We also deliver in 100% recyclable paper bags.

Some products are sold at the same price as in-store, while for others we have our own prices (which may be higher than in-store). The average markup is never more than 15%.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but currently we’re unable to have the same offers as in store.

Convibo charges a flat £4.99 delivery fee regardless of the delivery time chosen.

Some products are sold at the same price as in-store, while for others we have our own prices (which may be higher than in-store). The average markup is never more than 15%.

If you have any further questions regarding pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us at

There is no minimum order. You can shop as little as you like.

Yes, we do. However, we would need to see a valid ID from you when we deliver your order.

Our drivers store your products in special polystyrene boxes or bags during transportation in order to maintain the cold chain at the required levels. Frozen items are packed in double insulated bags to make sure that the product quality remains intact.

We apologise but at the moment you cannot cancel or amend your order through our website. However, we are always eager to help you if you call us at 020 3322 9805, send us an email at, or simply reach out to us via our live chat at our website. We will do our best to serve your request :)

If for any reason you cannot be there when we deliver please give us a call at 020 3322 9805 or send us an email at and we will try to sort this out for you. If you inform us a good time in advance, we will most probably be able to reschedule your order for a later time.

If you are not there at the time of delivery and you cannot provide us with an alternative way to deliver your order we will have to dispose your order without a refund.

You can find more information in our Terms & Conditions

Convibo currently accepts all major credit and debit cards. We do not process any payments on our web site or store your credit card details. Instead, we use Stripe, one of the major payment providers in the world. So rest assured, your card details are safe when you are shopping through Convibo.

We now accept your Marks & Spencer Sparks Cards! Enter your card’s 18-digit number in your account or when checking out, and our shopper will scan it for you! Although we can’t guarantee that it will be scanned (due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise), our shopper will do their best!

Concerning the rest of the stores, we are sorry for the inconvenience but we are not optimised to accept other loyalty cards at the moment.

For most areas there is no limit to how much you can order. In some areas, however, we deliver by scooters only. Orders to be delivered in these areas will be restricted by volume limit. We are equipped with the biggest boxes that can be safely carried by a scooter, so you’ll be impressed with the amount of items you are going to fit in your order!